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The Perfect Fit

While some staffing firms can only provide personnel with the skills needed, Right Hand Admin LLC goes beyond the traditional industry expectations. Our comprehensive search looks for that special ONE whose commitment to the job will share the core values of the company. Our through screening process will save you time and money. We perform in-depth interviews and comprehensive skills testing to verify a candidates' ability to perform the job and his or her compatibility with the company. Our commitment to this undertaking will build your business with the strength of a qualified and dedicated team of employees.

Specific jobs may require someone for a fixed period of time or only a few hours a week. Short-term and part-time positions may appear easy to fill, but can be surprisingly costly for businesses due to high turnover rates and low productivity measures. "Fewer businesses are out there specifically looking for permanent hires. Instead, bosses are using a flexible strategy of trying people out and waiting to see how business develops. Once confidence - in the economy, in the business and in the employee - grows, those temp jobs are likely to become vehicles for fulltime employment,” says Gilliam, Forbes.com

Right Hand Admin is committed to providing equal employment opportunities and accommodate diversity requirements.

We take time to learn the business problems clients are facing allowing us to work hand in hand with our clients and employees, so as to offer innovative business solutions that will bring the desired results.




Email are paperless pictureTemporary Personnel Consider flexible staff during peak productivity periods, seasonal periods or special projects. Temporary personnel reduces administrative cost and fulfills short-term staffing needs.

Temp-to-Hire Companies save time and money that would otherwise be spent advertising, interviewing, hiring and even firing. Our temp-to-hire helps companies make confident hiring choices to ensure the best-fit candidates while reducing hiring risks. * No employment commitment until after the probation period.

Direct Hire Eliminates recruiting time, reduces hiring risks and provides the best matches for your unique workplace needs at no risk to you. Often, the financial and administrative burden of advertising, recruiting, wading through hundreds of unqualified resumes only to find a handful of appropriate candidates to pre-screen and interview far exceeds capacity and resources.  Right Hand Admin, LLC will simply send you qualified candidates to interview, so all you have to do is choose the best personality fit for the position.

Candidate Recruitment

  • Job matching and tracking of qualified candidates.
  • We know the local job market.
  • Continuous employee development.
  • Skill assessment and periodic testing.
  • Performance and quality assurance programs.

  • Skilled Talent that Surpasses Your Expectations
  • A Partner that Cares and Understands Your Business
  • A Reputation for Customer Service
  • We offer access to a strong network of talent.
  • We thoroughly screen potential employees.
  • We continuously collect, measure and report feedback.

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